CEE 415

Environmental Measurements

AIR : FALL 2008


Instructor:  Prof. Tom Jobson

Email:  tjobson@wsu.edu

Office hours:  Monday 2-4, Dana 302A


Lab Instructor: Lee Bamesberger

Email: bamesber@wsu.edu

Office: Dana 313







PDF files of all the instrument manuals used in the lab can be found here.









Here is a review of flow control devices that is an easy to follow.

Flow Control Paper


Pen Ray Lamps

Lamp Spectra


A good, brief technical document on IR detection

Hamamatsu IR Dectors



This is a very long EPA document about O3.  EPA is thinking about changing the O3 standard (fact sheet).  There is some useful information about all aspects of O3.  The Background Section is interesting in that it describes the political and legal brawling that goes on over air quality standards.

EPA Staff Ozone Document 2007





Calibrate your eyeballs with this video from the California Air Resources Board. 

How bad do you think urban air quality would be if we didn’t have emissions controls in place?

Photochemical “smog” was an extreme problem for Los Angeles in the 1940’s.  Could you live in a place where the air was so bad it hurt your eyes!

LA Pollution Video


This is the legal document that states the standards for criteria pollutants and how to measure them.

EPA Standards and Methods for Criteria Air Pollutants


This EPA website is a good place for information on air pollution.

EPA Office of Air & Radiation


This website shows current air quality conditions for the country from ground based monitoring networks.



This website displays data from a chemical forecast model for our region.  How do our Pullman measurements compare to the model?

Pacific Northwest Chemical Forecast (AIRPACT-3)



Forest Fire Location Map


MODIS   satellite views of the ocean, land, and atmosphere

Global Monitoring       ozone hole movies and global pollutant concentrations