CE 435 | Foundations

Spring 2013

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Class Date

Lecture Topics

Lecture Notes

Jan 7 (M) Discussion on CE 435 Syllabus Lecture 1
Jan 9 (W) Introduction; General Principles; Review of CE 317: Phase Relations Lecture 2
Jan 11 (F) Review of CE 317: Phase Relations Lecture 3
Jan 14 (M) Review of CE 317: Soil Classification Lecture 4
Jan 16 (W) Review of CE 317: Soil Classification; Stresses in Soils Lecture 5
Jan 18 (F) Review of CE 317: Stresses in Soils; Consolidation Settlement Lecture 6
Jan 21 (M) Holiday: MLK-day No Lecture
Jan 23 (W) Review of CE 317: Shear Strength of Soils Lecture 7
Jan 25 (F) Geotechnical Exploration: Video shown in class No Lecture
Jan 28 (M) Geotechnical Exploration: Definition, objectives, planning ect Lecture 8
Jan 30 (W) Geotechnical Exploration Program Lecture 9
Feb 01 (F) Boring, Sampling, In-situ testing: Vane Shear Test Lecture 10
Feb 04 (M) In-Situ Testing: Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Lecture 11
Feb 06 (W) In-Situ Testing: Standard Penetration Test (SPT), Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Lecture 12
Feb 08 (F) In-Situ Testin: Example problems Lecture 13
Feb 11 (M) Lateral Earth Pressures: Basics of At-Rest, Active and Passive Conditions Lecture 14
Feb 13 (W) Lateral Earth Pressures: Earth Pressure Theories - Rankine Lecture 15
Feb 15 (F) Lateral Earth Pressures: Earth Pressure Theories - Rankine; Coulomb Lecture 16
Feb 18 (M) Holiday: President's Day No Lecture
Feb 20 (W) Lateral Earth Pressure: Examples; Overview of Sample EXAM Lecutre 17
Feb 22 (F) EXAM 1 Exam 1
Feb 25 (M) Earth Retaining Structures (ERS): Classification; Solution for Exam 1 Lecture 18
Feb 27 (W) Design of Retaining Walls, Sliding Lecture 19
Mar 01 (F) Design of Retaining Walls, Overturning, Bearing Capacity Lecture 20
Mar 04 (M) Design of Retaining Walls, Effect of Ground Water, Exmaple Problems Lecture 21
Mar 06 (W) Design of Retaining Walls: Cantilever Sheet Piles Lecture 22
Mar 08 (F) Design of Retaining Walls: Cantilever Sheet Piles; Examples Lecture 23
Mar 18 (M) Sahllow Foundations: Introduction Lecture 24
Mar 20 (W) Shallow Foundations: Introduction, Bearing capacity Lecture 25
Mar 22 (F) Sahllow Foundations: Bearing Capacity Equations Lecture 26
Mar 25 (M) Shallow Foundations: Bearing capacity, two-way eccentricity, Examples Lecture 27
Mar 27 (W) Shallow Foundations: Bearing capacity on stratified soils Lecture 28
- Hand written notes provided in class and used for lectures Lectures 29 - 33
Apr 12 (F) Deep Foundations: Introduction, Lecture administered by Dr. Muhunthan Lecture 34
Apr 15 (M) Deep Foundations: Introduction, Factors in pile selection Lecture 35
Apr 17 (W) Deep Foundations: Procedures for pile design; Pile matrix; Pile capacity Lecture 36
Apr 19 (F) Deep Foundations: Pile capacity; group capacity; Examples Lecture 37
Apr 22 (M) Deep Foundations: Impact formulae; Examples: single and group capacity Lecture 38
Apr 24 (W) Deep Foundations: Pile Load Test Video demonstration Video displayed
Apr 26 (F) Revision on CE 435 | Foundations: Course outline used Lecture 40

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